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About the glow


the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

Catedrala Sf Iosif

Front view of the cathedral

St. Iosif Cathedral

Project started: february 2019
Project finished: March 2019
Total no of luminaries: 185

First power on of the system

Video source: -  

Romanian stand for
Venice Biennale of Architecture

Mnemonics project representing Romania

Calculation example

Simulating the effect of light reaching various surfaces.

Romania expo

Mnemonics project represented Romania at the 16th edition of International Architecture Exposition. Read more..

Our body exibition

Video source: Antena 1 - observator

Lighting installation for a unique exibition

The exhibit hosted by City Park Mall in Constanta occupied approximately 800 sqm with specific lighting requirements. Over 150 lighting fixtures mounted at specific height with various beam angle. With a narrow time window the team finished planning and deploying the inhalation without any surprises. 

Propunere pod

A new and fresh approach

Bridge supports proposal

Proposal for lighting the area under the bridge.
Project start: May 2019 
Project finish: TBD


Simulation render

LED Pixel strips for club

150 tubes of 1 meter length placed on a wooden geodome structure with a unique pattern.
Control method DMX (individually)


Cafe del Mar Mamaia

Cafe del Mar Mamaia

Complex lighting system that includes a chandelier with over 300m high quality RGB led strip controlled via DMX and rope fairy lights on the outside for terrace ilumination.


Render with the initial plan

Stare Caffe

Well lit coffee place where the mood was important to incorporate with the design.


Led Strip installing

Different lighting solutions

Beautiful hangout place with lots of history. Installed warm white led strip along with dmx dimming for a perfect mood. Installed Par36 for accent lighting and intelligent lighting 

wall wasing

Top view

Led strip contour 

Use of led warm white LED Strip for perimeter lighting.
Specificity of the request was to have this working in very specific sections in the room. 

Control method: Smart App


After the install

Adding flavor to great food

Underground place with no natural light. The solution was to install LED lighting in coves and ceiling lights with dimmable capacity. Also proposed volumetric letter with lighting on the ceilling.


Image Description

Vending space facade

Situated in the north region of Mamaia, the visibility was low and unattractive for customers. 
The solution was to install projectors and place them according to  graphics on the building to have a smooth flow of light.

Infinity mirror

Bar front with a unique 500cm x 80cm x 10cm in size
LED led strip with wireless control, imposing a infinite effect.

Bar infinity mirror

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